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Presenting for Sale

The way your property is presented to the market can have a very real impact on the sale and those all important first impressions by prospective buyers are a critical factor in achieving the highest possible price.

As a guide, we recommend:

Preparatory Maintenance

  • Repair dripping taps, squeaky & or sticky doors, cracked glass

Gardens & yards

  • Cut grass and remove grass clippings. Weed & mulch garden beds


  • A thorough clean equivalent to having your home detailed
  • Declutter and create space
  • Clean windows & carpets
  • Consider using a ‘Stylist’

Things to avoid

  • Odours such as cigarettes, animals & some foods
  • Owners staying at the property during an inspection or watching from a vehicle close by
  • Pets left at the property
  • Cluttered interiors

What is required will vary from property to property and so it is important that you and your agent sit down and discuss in detail what would be best for your situation.