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SA Band Championships at Hahndorf

When: 09am Saturday 13 August 2011
Where: St Michael’s Worship Centre – Balhannah Road, Hahndorf, SA Australia
Cost/Tickets: $6.00

The Hahndorf Town Band, in collaboration with the South Australian Band Association (SABA), is pleased to announce the 2011 State Band Championships. Historically, Hahndorf was once well known for hosting band contests. This modern event is the major contest for community brass and concert bands in South Australia.

This contest and festival will be held on Saturday 13th August, commencing in the morning with a battle of the bands at two venues; one at the Hahndorf Memorial Institute Hall in the Main Street, and then the other at the St Michael’s Worship Centre at Balhannah Road. Come and hear bands from around South Australia each performing at their best to impress the judges and the audience!

After lunch will be held a grand street march down Balhannah Road which promises to be a great spectacle!

This event brings together the wonderful talents of our state’s brass and reed players, soloists, and conductors for what promises to be a most memorable and enjoyable festival of live music in our community.

For further information about this event please contact:

Mr Greg Francis (President, Hahndorf Town Band)
P: 04 299 299 18
E: gregfrancis@aapt.net.au


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