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Due diligence when buying land!

Building on blocks of land is much more complicated than it ever was with a myriad of government & developer controls applying in certain areas. Established to set the framework under which building may take place, they may not always be apparent. An experienced land sales consultant such as Eric Beames from RE/MAX Hills & Country is an invaluable resource when looking at plots of land as is the independent advice of your conveyancer & builder.

Questions to be asking include: are there any easements? Is there a land management agreement? Is there an encumbrance? Are there design guidelines? Is there an encumbrance manager? What are the plot ratios? What is the LHS offset? What is the RHS offset? What is the front set back? What is the rear set back? Are driveway locations pre-set? Is there a building envelope? Is there any fill? Where will the street trees & water meter be located? Is there a time limit on building? What services are available? Where are the connection points?

The controls are in place to set standards, protect services, maintain the value of developments & underpin peoples investment. They are there for good reasons, it is just a matter of ensuring you are fully informed in your buying decisions.