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3 Top Tips to get the Best Valuation for your Home

Sometimes (though thankfully not often), a home will not value at the price it has sold for, causing the contract to crash or negotiations to re-open.

We’ve put together a list of the three top tips so that when the time comes, you’ll be prepared to get the best possible valuation for your home.

1.   Overall Presentation: The home must be in a similar state of repair to your open houses. In other words, pristine. So after you’ve agreed to a price and signed the contracts, don’t drop the ball and let clutter accumulate and the garden become unkempt.

2.   Outdoors, Kitchen and Bathrooms: These are the high-price-tag rooms. If they’re well-presented and not dated, they’ll have a huge impact on your property valuation. It is important that the bathroom & kitchen are well presented, even if the valuer is inspecting the property early in the morning.

3.   Recent Sales Evidence: Stay abreast of property sales in your area by attending any auctions or opens leading up to and including the time of selling your home. Grab a brochure to make your notes and hand this evidence to the valuer. Your sales agent will be supplying the valuer with any additional information they have as well. This up-to-the-minute information could be very useful, as sites commonly used by valuers can sometimes have information that’s 3 or more months old.

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