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Yali Fan


Yali believes Australia is her second home and in particular believes the “Adelaide Hills” is one of the most beautiful places in SA. In 2006 she left the north-eastern part of China and came to Adelaide to follow her overseas studying dream.

Yali brings a fresh approach to the financial management of businesses. Intelligent and hard working, she is an integral part of SEXTON / GLOVER / WATTS. Trained internationally, she brings the ability to overview the financial performance of a Real Estate business and to provide sound and stable advice. Yali’s belief is that ‘’ the more efficiently a business runs, the more value it can provide to its clients’’.

Office: 8398 2222
E-Mail: Yali@SextonGloverWatts.com.au

Did you know?

Yali used to compete in hurdles, her ambition is to be a business woman with her own business. Sees food as a way of life & a way of expressing her feelings. Loves her second home Adelaide with its quality of food & lifestyle.