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Author Archives: James Sexton

Wisteria in Spring

Wisteria announces spring with its vibrant purple flowers climbing over many of our landmark buildings. The Bridgewater Mill is spectacular in its own right but the beautiful scent and flowers from the old wisteria adds another dimension. This tough and …

Awards for Excellence in Real Estate – Website of the Year!

              We are proud to announce we won the State Website of the Year Award for Excellence in Real Estate 2011. This exuberant awards dinner was held on Friday 14th October at the Adelaide …

Spring Beauty.

Spring sees the cascading beauty of weeping cherries in all their glory. The tulips behind give a vibrant red burst of colour to the garden, peeking over the Englishbox hedge. Spring is to enjoy as gardens everywhere burst forth in …

Spring Garden

  Here’s some photos of the onset of spring in our garden (& a couple of photos of the cats). Camellias reign supreme in the garden in August. Julie picked these in 5 minutes walking around the garden. Pretty but hardy …

Winter Garden Photos

                    Japonica Flowers – always first!                         Old World Winter Bulbs                   …

Autumn Garden Festival

Convertibles, claret ashes and canapes – the Autumn Garden Festival was amazing. The perfect weather set off the best autumn foliage spectacle in a decade, with tens of thousands out and enjoying the day. We kicked off early with oysters …

Double Cream Angels Trumpet

This beautiful flower has a strong perfume and is a variation to the old world garden single white angels trumpet (brugmansia family).

Valotta Flowers

The Valottas are striking this year with their flame red flowers. Given to Julie by her mum years ago these are just such enthusiastic fun to have in the garden. They are a bit late flowering this year.

Magnificent lilliums

                                     This magnificent lillium is over 6 ft tall and has lots of flowers. I picked it Sunday for my neice Lauren’s 21st birthday family gathering.

Peruvian Daffodils

(Also known as Spider Lillies) These bulbs from my garden are the decendants of those that Di Teasdale painted on silk for us 20 years ago. That painting used to hang our office in the old butcher shop. They’re still …